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RB5X Robot
RB5X With Arm
Arm Assembled
RB Base
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RB5X Robot

RB5X Classic Robot
Description:  The RB5X is versatile, teaching life-long skills that are invaluable in many fields of study and employment. The RB5X incorporates infrared sensing, ultrasound sonar, 8 sensors/bumpers, voice synthesizer, and an optional 5 axis armature that can lift a full pound. The RB5X can play interactive games with up to 8 people. Programs can be written and downloaded from any computer--Apple Macintosh, DOS, Windows, or Linux/Unix.

Includes: RB5X Robot, Charger, Charger Cable, Reference Manual,


General Features 

Dimensions - 13" diameter x 23" high.

Weight - 24 lbs.

Wheels - Two 4" diameter synthetic rubber drives and two 2" diameter castors.

Motor speed  - Approximately 4" per second. 

On-center turning radius - O" (turns on center).

off-center turning radius - 6"

Construction - Aluminum chassis, polycarbonate dome.

Standard Software Beta self-learning programs,
                sonar software, charger-finder
                and charge-maintenance routine
                routine, self-diagnostic, and
                sample programs on a utility
                software module.
Optional software  - Preprogrammed software  modules.



Shipping Weight:  35 Pounds
Price:  $2000.00

Please be aware there is currently a 6 week lead time on this item


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